Why our custom filters?

We are the only manufacturer that builds your custom size filter with a custom made 1 piece die-cut (filter frame) – No cut and capping

If you need a special, custom-sized filter, you need to work with Q-Air. We make our filters in any length, width or depth using a one-piece die-cut construction. Filters made in one-piece construction are stronger, longer-lasting and perform better than the traditional cut-and-cap method used by other filter manufacturers.

Group of pleated filters

Q-Air's custom filters

  • Made in one-piece—no "cut-and-cap"
  • Available in any length, width and depth
  • Choose from MERV 10, 11 and 13
  • Stronger, longer-lasting and better performing
  • Less pressure on the HVAC system due to the one-piece construction

When you need custom, don’t accept compromise.

The industry standard for custom filter manufacture, called “cut and cap,” is hardly a standard at all. Cut-and-cap filters are made by taking a larger standard filter, cutting out the excess filter, and taping the pieces back together. If your application requires a 13½ x 20 x 1-inch filter, for example, a cut-and-cap manufacturer will take the 16 x 20 x 1-inch standard filter, cut out 2½ inches from the middle, and tape the two sides back together. Sounds like a piecemeal product, doesn't it?

Other manufacturers' custom filters

  • Cut from a larger standard filter
  • Easily damaged
  • Reduced product life
  • Reduced performance due to less media per square inch
  • Unlikely to achieve a true fit
  • Increased pressure on system due to tape or capping

special requirements Non-standard sizing

We love custom work