V Cell Air Filter

V Bank Filter

The V Cell synthetic air filter contains no metal parts, eliminating the risk of corrosion. These filters offer high efficiency, low-pressure drop and long filter life. The filter media is moisture-resistant and is designed to tolerate high velocities and turbulence. V Cell air filters are made of lightweight plastic for easy handling and transportation. The high-quality build gives these filters longer performance life, reducing maintenance and replacement costs, making them suitable for many air handling systems.

CONSTRUCTION Mini-pleat material in a plastic ABS frame


11 to 16

Efficiency 85% to 95%

For higher efficiencies please contact us.

Capacity N/A

Applications Excellent for use in variable air volume systems and restricted spaces in office towers, schools, manufacturing plants, hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Styles N/A

Sizes 12" depth. Custom sizes available.