Pleated air filters

Pleated Filter

Our 100% synthetic pleated filters don’t rely on electrostatic charge to filter the air, ensuring the highest level of filtration performance. They eliminate microbial growth, reduce energy consumption, and are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way. The Q-Air Pleated Air Filter can be land filled, incinerated or recycled. The optional metal mesh backing is perfect for applications where the filter is under extreme pressure or exposed to high moisture levels. Available in custom sizes.

CONSTRUCTION 100% Synthetic Fibres in a Pleated Filter construction

MERV 10 to 16 available

Efficiency N/A

Capacity Standard or High


  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Office Space
  • Commercial
  • School
  • Hospital

Styles N/A

Sizes 1", 2", 4" or 5" depth. Custom sizes available.

Manufacturer Q-Air

Country of origin Canada