Polyester filter media

Ply Panel Filter

Q-Air’s 100% polyester media, available as pre-cut pads or in bulk rolls, is the ideal choice for commercial and industrial systems where fibreglass or other filter materials are not preferred. When used as a prefilter, it can extend the life of more expensive final filters by 50% or more.

Constructed from thermally bonded denier fibres, this filter material is safe to handle and protects equipment.

CONSTRUCTION Polyester Pad and Bulk Rolls available


Efficiency N/A

Capacity N/A

Applications Used in light to medium dust load environments, often as a prefilter, for central air handlers, unit ventilators, fan coil units and other systems where fibreglass is not ideal.


Available in Standard and Custom Sizes, please contact one of our Air Filtration Specialists

Sizes 1" and 2" depths. Custom sizes available as bulk rolls or pre-cut pads.

Manufacturer Q-Air

Country of origin Canada