The unique design of Q-Air’s Rigid Cell Filters ensures excellent structural integrity and longer filter life, making them ideal for systems that require extra strength and sturdiness. The Rigid Cell Filter delivers 65% to 95% efficiencies in MERV 11 to 15. Available in a choice of synthetic or fiberglass media, the filter separators ensure the filter layers maintain their ideal configuration throughout the filter’s life. Metal reinforcements throughout the filter make it the perfect design for variable air volume systems and the long filter life and lower pressure drop also decreases operating and energy costs.

CONSTRUCTION 100% synthetic fibres or fiberglass. Galvanized filter frame.

MERV 11, 13, 15

Efficiency 65% to 95%

Capacity n/a

Applications Excellent for use in variable air volume systems and restricted spaces in office towers, schools, manufacturing plants, hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Styles Single header and box style available in all MERV ratings and media.

Sizes 12” depth. Custom sizes available.

Manufacturer Q-Air

Country of origin Canada