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Retractable Exhaust Hood

The most innovative design on the market for the removal and elimination of harmful chemicals and odors.

Product Information

  • By way of remote control, the Retractable Exhaust Hood is lowered from the ceiling to the any desired height.
  • A clear plastic curtain is then placed around the Hood capturing any harmful chemicals and/or odors, while still allowing the user to easily work with the substances within the hood enclosure.
  • The Retractable Exhaust Hood then extracts the harmful chemicals and/or odors either directly outside or through a filtration system in order to meet all Environmental and/or Health and Safety regulations.
  • When the intended procedure is complete the Hood curtain is removed and the Retractable Exhaust Hood is easily retracted back up into the ceiling by remote control.
Q-Air Modular Media Dust Control
  • Health and Safety Features:
  • Designed specifically to address all Health and Safety issues for Science Teachers and Professionals
  • Provides excellent extraction for:
    - Volatile Chemicals
    - Harmful Odors
    - Ensures no chemicals are inhaled by any user or observer
  • Clear Curtain allows increased visibility while ensuring a healthy work environment
  • Easy Operation
  • Fully electronic and motor operated, making lowering and starting easy and fast
  • Clear curtain set-up is fast and easy while still ensuring no harmful chemicals are inhaled
  • Limited Maintenance is required
  • Designed to fit within a standard 2x4 ceiling tile, allowing for a professional look while maintaining easy operation

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